Sunday, June 8, 2014

Oldest Son is Older

This interesting color combo is what Oldest Son has chosen for the wall colors in his room. Did I really tell him that he could can pick out what wanted!?!!
Oldest Son is 14 years old. Oldest Son is a 9th grader. Oldest Son is a full blown teenager. There is a very clear dark, bolded and flashing line between parenting children and teens. Each week brings a new set of parenting considerations. Many of which we have planned for and several have descended upon us unexpectedly.

At this moment in time, I could not be prouder of our teenager. He is exhibiting many behaviors we have hoped for and showing himself to be a young man of integrity, responsibility and thoughtfulness -all with a healthy number of eye rolls of course. We will see what tomorrow brings.

Oldest Son gets a well deserved 8th grade graduation gift ...

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