Monday, June 16, 2014

Click, Click, Click

On Monday mornings at around 3am, I am awakened to the sound of hard soled shoes on the wood floor: click, click, click. In my groggy state, it takes me a moment to figure out what is happening. Then I remember, it is Commuter Husband leaving for Houston. He is attempting to arrive in his Houston office by 8am to start his workday. I reach over to the empty side of the bed and confirm he is not there.

I have a series of emotions run through me at that moment. I am grateful that he has stayed a third night and is willing to leave at the ridiculously early hour. I snuggle deeper in my comfortable bed and I am glad to not be up at that moment. I have a tiny wave of sadness jolt through me although it passes as I start to think about the busy day and week ahead of me. I reach over to set the alarm and I go back to sleep for a couple more hours.

Being a Commuter Family is not easy. The trade offs we make require tough, adult choices. We do the best we can with our talents, our baggage, our priorities and our situation.

Click, click, click: the Sound of Commuter Husband's Love for his Family.

Commuter Husband snuggles with Oldest Son and Youngest Son as he has Father's Day breakfast in bed. The leftover lasagna was made by Youngest Son earlier in the week. The cards are hand made and written from the heart by the boys. The magazines cover Commuter Husband's interests: cooking (Cooking Light), beer (D Magazine) and music (Rolling Stone special mag on Bob Marley.) Bob Marley said "Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet." We do try to feel it ...

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