Friday, July 4, 2014

Early Adolescence

Yesterday in the car on the way to soccer practice:

Youngest Son asks a question but it was more of a statement "You had a good day?"

I respond with an actual question "Why do you think I had a good day?"

Youngest Son responds "Because you're playing the music loud."

I respond with interest  "So when I play the music loudly that means I had a good day?"

Youngest Son confirms "Yes."

Youngest Son was able to interpret my nonverbal cues showing increased cognitive development around logical inference. Uh Oh.

Tonight as the family arrives home late and prepares for bed:

Oldest Son says to all "Okay everyone get to bed."

Oldest Son reminds me in his deep voice "Hurry up to bed."

I look at him quizzically.

Oldest Sons declares "I want everyone to be in a good mood tomorrow. Everyone needs their nine and a quarter hours of sleep."

I look at him quizzically again.

Oldest Son more emphatically "You get up early and do not get enough sleep. I do not want you to be grumpy tomorrow."

Oldest Son has observed the impact of lack of sleep for me and is attempting to change a result he predicts will occur. Oh my.

I am now parenting boys in early adolescence (ages 12-14.) I am not just Mommy anymore. They are starting to understand things at a more complex level. And that parents have talents and weakness and strengths and oddities and on and on ...

I am scared and amazed at the same time.

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