Wednesday, June 4, 2014

1st Cruise - The Ultimate Requital

 A Disney Cruise is where we are this week. How did we get here? Not the normal way, not at all.

This story begins in 2008. No, Our Once Upon a Time really started in 2003 when our Commuter Family met Buzzy Family in Dallas where our collective children went to Temple Preschool. Buzzy Family is Dr. Mom, Buzzy Dad, Buzzy Oldest Son, Buzzy Middle Son and Buzzy Daughter. Buzzy Middle Son and Buzzy Daughter are the same ages as our boys. Our story has included eleven years of shared adventures, vacations, outings, dinners, conversations, laughter, tears … and all the many, many things that life long friends share. Even with Buzzy Family’s move to Atlanta, we have made it a priority to share meaningful times.

I could write numerous reflections about Buzzy Family however this post is about the Disney Cruise. In 2008, Dr. Mom asked me to help with her start-up medical device company. Buzzy is a needle pain relief device that she invented - see BUZZY SITE. Dr. Mom has poured her heart, her brains and her life into this venture. I helped her for the first few years and then I as well as the rest of Commuter Family has helped ad hoc here and there the past several years. Back in 2008, Dr. Mom told key women who were contributing that she would take our families on a Disney Cruise when she hit certain business success thresholds. Guess what? Dr. Mom is gifting seven families – yes SEVEN!!!! – this seven day Caribbean cruise on the Disney Fantasy. Fantasy is the exact right word for this amazing trip and friendship.

Youngest Son gets ready to board with lanyard and Disney pins ready!

Dr. Mom gifted us even more luxury: Champagne, Chocolates and a Disney Robe. We are toasting from our balcony – looks like Youngest Son swiped my glass of bubbles!

First night happy hour in the Buzzy Cabin!

Youngest Son marking up his Disney Planner … so much freedom and so many activities, movies, games, shows, etc.

Yes we totally WON the Know it All Trivia – most of the credit goes to Dr. Mom, Buzzy Dad and Commuter Husband.

This picture says it all … Youngest Son relaxing after snorkeling in the blue waters of  St. Thomas where we saw rays, turtles, barracuda, a puffer fish, tropical fish and a small school of reef squid!

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