Sunday, April 20, 2014

Today I Am Proudly Intolerant

Last night our Commuter Family attended the legal wedding of Commuter Husband's 1st Cousin and her same sex partner (Wife) in Minnesota. 1st Cousin and Wife have two year old twins. This sweet family of four was surrounded by a large crowd of family and friends as we all celebrated (including Senator Al Franken.)

The wedding started with the Beatle's song that represented how every person in attendance felt: All You Need Is Love. The joy in the room was obvious. The brides' smiles were contagious.

1st Cousin's sister-in-law spoke as part of the Readings. With humor and passion, the sister-in-law described their grass roots efforts to legalize marriage for all in Minnesota. Another honored reader quoted a 19th century poet and the final reading came from an aunt who read the children's book Guess How Much I Love You. Most of us know the answer is "... to the moon and back."

The love of 1st Cousin and Wife has changed people. Changed views. Changed laws. Changed the future.

As the ceremony concluded with the original happy song, Walking on Sunshine, my feelings also shifted to incomprehension. With all the real problems in the world, how can one single person waste one single breath opposing Marriage Equality? Take all that judgement and anger and time and money and put it towards solving world hunger, child abuse, illiteracy and cancer. While I work very hard to be a tolerant person each day, today I declare I am intolerant of those who do not support love between two adults regardless of gender identity and their legal rights as a family. Tomorrow I will work on being broad-minded again.

Love. Love. Love. This.

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