Saturday, April 19, 2014

Mindball at The Bakken

There are only seven Mindball tables in North America. We found one yesterday at The Bakken museum in Minneapolis, MN. Mindball is a two person game controlled by players' brain waves in which players control a ball's movement across a table by becoming more relaxed and focused.

The results for Commuter Family were not surprising. Commuter Husband and Oldest Son are by far the more relaxed and focused members of our family. Youngest Son and I are not. And, the least surprising, I am dead last; even Youngest Son easily beat me! Youngest Son and I have brains that constantly move from topic to topic contributing to our enviable multitasking skills. The price we pay is we are often "all over the place" and can be challenging personalities.

The Bakken is located on the shores of Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. The web site describes a one-of-a-kind museum exploring the mysteries of our electrical world. It even has a 12 minute show on Frankenstein and Mary Shelley.

The setting is an interesting old mansion that once housed Target's founder. It is small and has electrical hands on exhibits. We had a great time there. Our Commuter Family has a tradition of visiting local unique museums. These adventures are always full of surprises and fun.

Oldest Son literally getting a shock!

Commuter Husband and Oldest Son competing at Mindball - pretty much a draw!

Oldest Son making music with electricity.

Boys exploring.

Oldest Son's heartbeat is captured.

Playing in Benjamin Franklin's room - making out hair stand on end - really!

Youngest Son getting his heartbeat to slow down - good luck with that!

These lovely windows are looking over a quaint courtyard.

We recommend!

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