Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More Bathroom Adventures

During the remodel, our Commuter Family is sharing our one master bathroom which is only reachable by walking through the master bedroom. This situation has created a new level of relationship sharing.

For example, it has been at over nine years since I was aware of every bowel movement of Oldest Son and Youngest Son. Frequency and regularity was never a problem when they were babies. Apparently, all is still functioning well and sometimes multiple times a day. And this particular circumstance has also led one of the Sons to practice the household skill of unstopping the toilet with a plunger. "Ooh Gross!" was the reaction to that particular life lesson.

Our verbal communications have benefited as we navigate occupancy. Family members must negotiate time and space to brush teeth, take medicine, brush hair and all the usual bathroom activities. Clearly understanding the state of dress or undress is important. We cannot just pop in - believe me on that one.

Fortunately, our one available shower has two shower heads and is plenty big for two to three bodies. Tonight I listened to the easy banter between Oldest Son and Youngest Son as they went through their evening hygiene routine. They loudly and enthusiastically talked about the benign topics you would expect between a 12 year old boy and a 14 year old teen. As their mother, I appreciate these moments of brotherly sharing before each they have their own assigned bathrooms post-remodel.

This state of living takes me back to the places I called home while growing up. Almost every single house had one bathroom and it was usually quite small. As a child or teenager, I did not think anything of it. I wonder what the adults thought?

Here are some remodel pics ...
Bye bye entry way floor
And bye bye kitchen floor
Going from laundry closet to laundry room!
Fabulous new windows!!!
Why yes that IS a washing machine in my living room ...
That pretty much sums up our life at the present.

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