Saturday, April 12, 2014

An Exquisitely Imperfect Day

The Week - Background

Tough week all around ... coming into Friday mentally exhausted.

Friday Morning - Starts Well

Youngest Son's 12th birthday started with a family tradition: breakfast in bed. Commuter Husband rolled out Beignets, fried them up and served them with powdered sugar and lemon wedges. Commuter Husband is also the card giver in our foursome. A recently emerging trend for male family members is the selection of greeting cards that fall into the gross or raunchy or bathroom humor categories which brings great amusement to the boys.
Youngest Son awakes to goodies and gifts. Look closely at card ... oh my.
Friday Evening - Goes a Wire

6:20 pm: Commuter Husband realizes he forgot to purchase items needed for birthday celebration.

6:40 pm: I arrive home to bake a Cola Cake for Youngest Son's birthday which needs to be ready by 8:30 pm.

6:45 pm: Commuter Husband arrives home with Cola Cake ingredients along with ice cream.

6:47 pm: Dang. I realize we are missing margarine and buttermilk which are not two household staples. Commuter Husband rushes back to the grocery store.

7:05 pm: Commuter Husband arrives home.

7:14 pm: I put Cola Cake in oven and get frosting ready to cook. We did it. I should have just enough time to cook and frost. Whew.

7:44 pm: DING! Cola Cake is ready to pull from oven. I walk into kitchen filled with the aroma of ... burning marshmallows! We know our oven is going out and new ovens are on the remodel list. I pull out the ruined Cola Cake. New ovens just moved up the priority list. #%%$$!!@@#

The top is burned and the middle is swishy and not cooked!
7:45 pm: I head to Sprouts for some edible item in which to put candles. Commuter Husband heads out to pick up Youngest Son and three buddies from LAX practice which finishes at 8:00 pm.

7:59 pm: Commuter Husband texts me "thank god for ev mode no gas n ur car" ... even a Prius runs out of gas eventually! He ran out of gas on the way to pick up kids and managed to get to gas station in electric mode. Oh my gosh.

8:05 pm: I have returned home with the makings for ice cream brownie fudge sundaes.
Not the original plan but it is festive and yummy!
8:14 pm: Commuter Husband arrives home with four boisterous tweener boys of which two need dinner.

8:16 pm: While cutting up an apple for the hungry boys, I slice two fingers and blood starts pouring out. I wrap my hand in a dish towel. I briefly sit down with my head between my legs to keep from fainting.

8:19 pm: We get food on the table and Commuter Husband bandages two fingers on my left hand. Commuter Husband and I look at each other and completely crack up. We have reached the point where laughter is the only recourse.

8:25 pm: Neighbors start arriving to share birthday goodies with Youngest Son. We add three more adults, a six year old girl, a tweener girl, a female teenager and male teenager into our crazy house. Let's not forget to mention we are in the middle of a remodel so there is no furniture in place in which to properly house these guests.

8:35 pm: We sing Happy Birthday, pop open the old-fashioned coke bottles for kids, pour wine for the ladies and grab beers for the men.

9:00 pm: Kids are literally running the neighborhood between yards playing some kind of game with various Nerf weapons. Adults are sitting in the front yard with a Spring breeze whispering around us.

9:30 pm: Commuter Husband breaks out the first aid kit again to doctor an eleven year old's knee gash injured while scaling a fence.

The night air is filled with noise, chaos, giggles, chatter, hugs, stories, screams and surprises.

10:00 pm: The informal party winds down.

What a great day. This day was not perfectly orchestrated and definitely not efficiently executed. This day was filled with a range of emotions that we shared with old and new friends. An exquisitely imperfect day.

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