Thursday, December 13, 2012

Scenes of the Double M

Actual Scene Last Night at Dinner Table with Afternoon Nanny and Oldest Son. 

Note: Oldest Son has asked me lots of questions this past week and wants to understand all the details. He has asked me to tell HIM what I am telling my friends. So I have.

I am telling Afternoon Nanny and Oldest Son about my surgeon's visit and my decision to have a double Mastectomy. Afternoon Nanny looks at me with a quizzical expression. Oldest Son proceeds to mime to her the removal of breasts. Yes, it is just as you would imagine. His two hands showing chopping motion on his chest. OMG! We had to laugh. It was really quite comical.

Oldest Son then went on to explain to Afternoon Nanny about taking out part of the breast then having radiation and then taking medication versus Mastectomy. He presented with his usual matter of fact way. After all, Oldest Son is a gatherer of knowledge - since age 2.

I did remind Oldest Son that he should NOT be discussing with his friends. Can you imagine? Oy.

Thanks to those of you reaching out with kindness, understanding and help. I love hearing from all of you ...


  1. You are in my prayers. I must have missed this news. But I am pleased to hear your humor level is high. And that the boys remain true to their individual natures.

    1. Steve,
      As these things go - it has all happened rather quickly.

      It is difficult to keep things at a totally serious level with young boys and breasts ... we will consider this a blessing.

      Thanks for your note!