Monday, December 31, 2012


Saturday - Shabbat

Our first Shabbat in Israel included a visit to the Israel Museum, playing American football in the park, Havdalah and an incredible light and sound show at the King of David Tower. The evening brought our first entry into the Old City through the Jaffa Gate. Youngest Son fell asleep in my lap at the outdoor light show - so sweet - he IS only 10 years old.

Israel Museum - Oldest Son  listening to the history of the 2nd Temple looking at model below.
It's Kippahs versus Bareheads!
Sunday - Jerusalem

We started the morning early with a visit to Yad LaKashish. Yad LaKashish achieves the highest level of tzedakah - helping others to help themselves. Seniors work at this non-profit started 50 years ago  creating beautiful hand-made items that are sold in their gift shops. And yes, we bought several lovely items including Sam's Tallit cover!

Seniors at Yad LaKashish proudly show their wares.
Youngest Son gets kippah at Yad LaKashish and the Rabbi helps him put it on - very special.
We enter the Old City through the Zion Gate to visit the Kotel (Western Wall) and explore the Western Wall Tunnel underneath.
Our guide reads from the Tanakh before we enter through the Zion Gate.
Youngest Son gets his first view of the Kotel.
Youngest Son's pocket is full of Religious School children's wishes to put into the cracks of Western Wall.
Our exit from the tunnels takes us through the Muslim Quarter and to the Jewish Quarter for lunch. We end our afternoon exiting through the Dung Gate to explore the City of David's new excavations - lots of climbing, tunnels and narrow enclosed spaces!
Lunch in Hurva Square in Jewish Quarter where we had shawarma and schnitzal.
Oldest Son looks on at the real Jerusalem from the City of David.
Each and every day on this journey presents a range of emotions from happy to sad to incredulous.

Perhaps my moment of the heart was in the Tunnel at the Warren's Gate which is the closest point a Jew can get to the Holy of Holies. It is spot women pray for health ... I paused among the few Orthodox women to make a wish for my own health as tears found their way down my cheeks ...

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  1. So wish we could have gone with you all! Looks like an amazing trip so far! So happy you all could do this! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get home. Tell Sam I will be thinking of him tomorrow and am very proud of him!