Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Our KInd of Day (In Tel Aviv)

Today was the quintessential Commuter Family day ... in Tel Aviv ...

Youngest Son the Early Riser: He woke me up at 3am! Neither of us went back to sleep ...

Israeli Breakfast: Youngest Son and I were the first at breakfast (see above.) We did not do a good job suppressing our glee with the with various cheeses, fresh fish, multiple breads, beautiful fruits, super strong coffee and on and on ...

Engaging Museums & Learning: History, art and architecture abounded. We visited Independence Hall (May 14, 1948 declaration) and the experiential Palmach Museum (elite fighting force leading up to independence.)  We saw an incredible mosaic of the history of Tel Aviv and a walking tour took us through the past and present state of architecture. We visited Jaffa with the old part of Tel Aviv including an excavation site of Rameses II artifacts.
One of our leaders teaching Youngest Son about the history of Tel Aviv as depicted in the mosaic.
Commuter Husband pointing out something in Tel Aviv from Jaffa.
Street Food: Our first falafel in Israel ever and it was g o o d !

Little Shops & Open Market: So many smells and colors in the open food market ... we bought goodness knows how many pounds of nuts and dried fruit. Youngest Son says we should shop this way all the time ... I wish.
One of many small shops selling groceries - see spices on left? (This shop reminded us of Mexico.)
Dried Fruit - see the bright green kiwi!
Beach: We love our beaches. Oldest Son and Youngest Son scampered through the sand as we headed back to the hotel after dark. Pure boy joy.
After dark on Tel Aviv beach ... brothers.
Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son all out at 7:15pm Israel time (Tuesday.) As usual, I am awake and reflecting on this day and I am amazed that this is my life.


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