Monday, August 27, 2012

Highs & Lows

Our Commuter Family lifestyle has the same rhythms as before but the swings are higher and deeper. Just a glimpse of the past weekend:

  • LOW: Commuter Husband mixed up the 7:00 flight reservation from HOU to DAL for Thursday. He had booked A.M. instead of  P.M. - UGH. The fix was to make the 4 hour drive instead.
  • HIGH: Commuter Husband got much needed car repairs completed while his car was in Dallas.
  • HIGH: Youngest Son was in Repertory Company Theater's production of The Wizard of Oz. It was a great show - amazing really. Youngest Son was Nikko the Flying Monkey - so cute.
  • LOW: Lots of logistics in getting "Nikko" to and fro ... 3 two hour shows + a dress rehearsal!
  • HIGH: Commuter Husband took vacation day Friday and was able to take the boys to Open House and hang out with them.
  • LOW: Commuter Husband rolled his foot playing basketball with boys Friday and hobbled around the rest of the weekend - OUCH. This also meant no lawn work got completed so we will hire that chore out this week - $$$.
  • HIGH: Turkish Father (staying with us) took us out for awesome Sushi on Saturday night. Youngest Son and American/Turkish Boy can put away the raw fish for sure! They were so enthusiastic.
  • LOW: The fresh Sea Urchin or maybe the Saki did NOT sit too well with Commuter Husband Saturday night ... all night ...
  • HIGH: Youngest Son had first Fall Baseball practice with his new 4th grade Storm Team.
  • LOW: Practice ended 1 hour earlier than expected and Youngest Son was stranded ... after two "Mommy where are you calls?", we picked him up 45 minutes late - oh my.
  • HIGH: Oldest Son enters 7th Grade and is playing football for 1st time - wide receiver & corner back. He is thrilled!
  • LOW: Commuter Husband and Oldest Son spent 45 minutes - not kidding - putting pads back into his football pants after I bleached them bright white. And, Oldest Son also got stranded for 45 minutes at Fencing - oops forgot to pick him up :(
  • SPECIAL HIGH: Oldest Son and Youngest Son both took it in stride when they were stranded - no tears, no panic, no guilt - thanks guys!

  • LOW & HIGH: We have come to the inevitable conclusion that a Commuter Husband (& father), a full-time working Mommy with Commuter Husband, an Afternoon Nanny and two active boys requires more communication assets. Thus, we now have FOUR iPhones - one for each member of the family. We spent most of Sunday acquiring (spectacular deal at Best Buy that ended up being only $50) and setting up. Glad we have more tools to better manage our lives but none too excited for Oldest Son and Youngest Son (especially him) to have smart phones (more on that topic in later post.)
And so another weekend ends.
Nikko the Flying Monkey aka Youngest Son


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    1. No - WE are not Turks - our close family friends (house guests at the time) are - THAT would be interesting!

  2. That would be interesting indeed.

    Thanks for inspiring me here to repair my avatar on Blogger, which I seem to have done.