Monday, August 6, 2012

Athletic Support

Just dropped Commuter Husband off at Love Field.  We are now in more of a Fly In Friday Evening/Fly Out Monday Morning mode.

The weekends still go by incredibly fast. There is always the list: household chores to be completed, family outings to conduct and decisions to discuss.

And often the unexpected.

Youngest Son had a stomach bug that started Friday afternoon and went through Saturday morning. At precisely 11am Sunday morning, Commuter Husband started to show symptoms of same illness. By 12pm Sunday, it was definite.

One of the discussions planned for Commuter Husband and the boys was assessing whether the boys had the appropriate "athletic  support" (hint, hint) for their precious parts. This is just not something in which I have a great deal of expertise but the boys have various sports coming up that require protection of those parts.

The scene was comical. The boys gathered their current supplies of cups and underwear holder thingies. Between trips the bathroom, Commuter Husband reviewed the situation which required the boys trying these items on to make sure they fit (too small, too big or just right?) Even with Commuter Husband being under the weather, three sets of testosterone cannot resist the many jokes that are easy pickings.

Fortunate for me, the conclusion was no purchases required for this upcoming week's activities. Thank goodness I was spared this particular shopping trip Sunday. It will wait for another weekend for a healthier Commuter Husband.

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