Friday, August 24, 2012

My Home is Your Home

Purchased in Bucerias, Mexico near our former Mexico Casa and hanging in our Dallas Casa.
Welcoming family and friends in our home. Somehow, this value is deeply instilled in both my Brother and me. For us, there is just not a question mark. When someone you love visits, you make room. It is not an obligation. It is fun and it is usually an adventure of sorts.

Relationships are hard to build and even harder to maintain in our busy, mobile lives. No time ever seems like the best time these days - that is why you just go with it. Sharing a bathroom, a kitchen, a driveway, a meal, a laugh and even a melt-down are all life experiences that create special bonds.

We have the privilege of sharing our home with friends family from Turkey for a couple weeks. American/Turkish Boy and his warm, loving and generous Turkish Father are staying with us during their visit from Turkey. They moved back to Turkey one year ago after being in the USA for 20 years. American/Turkish Boy and Youngest Son have been friends since age two and share birthdays one day a part. They are Yin and Yang friends. They compliment each other with their differences and bring out the best in the other. We should all be so lucky as to have such a friend!

We have a humble home and a crazy life. We are thankful that our friends choose to spend this time with us ...
We miss you Infinity Friend ...

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