Monday, September 29, 2014

Mental Health Status

I am a project/program manager. As such, I often communicate Project Health through the use of Green, Yellow and Red indicators. In simple terms, Green is Good and Red is Not Good and Yellow is Watch Out.

I am fortunate, fortunate and beyond fortunate to have a truly meaningful group of loving friends, coworkers and family supporting me. All want to know how am I doing? And the honest answer is I feel Red right now. However I know I will start trending Yellow and ultimately be back to Green. But not today or tomorrow or the next day.

And it is okay to be Red. Life is sometimes Not Good. And this is one of those weeks or maybe even two weeks. I will feel the pain of loss and being overwhelmed. However, I also have grit and a sense of humor so I will pull on those qualities to march forward one task to the next.

Thanks to all who have helped, are helping and will help. I love all you more than you know.

And I am especially grateful for my Commuter Husband who understands me more than anyone and loves me unconditionally anyway (see that sense of humor peeping through?)