Thursday, June 6, 2013

Words for Any Occasion

My cheat sheet ..
Our Turkish Friends are hosting Youngest Son and me in their beautiful home on a hill overlooking Istanbul. Youngest Son and American/Turkish Boy have been friends since age two when they met at preschool. Through the years, our families have become family.

Tamila helps Turkish Family with household items and childcare. I do not speak Turkish so Tamila and I do what people have done since the beginning of time - we use facial expressions and we point and we nod. However, I wanted to be able to say a few words so I asked American/Turkish Boy to help me. I wanted to say Yes, No, Thank You and Please.

As I wrote these words down, it occurred to me that these four simple words have a greater meaning - in particular, please and thank you. We teach our children to say please and thank you from the time they can speak. I have probably reminded my kids thousands of times to say these two words. Please and Thank you conveys respect, gratitude and humility. These are fundamental words to use in any language and in any country.

Today I was fortunate to say sağ olun for these scrumptious snacks while I worked virtually:
Almonds, dried apricots, homemade chocolates, Turkish coffee and water - heavenly!

A type of tart Turkish plum and sweet fresh cherries - feeling pampered for sure.
So sağ olun to our dear Turkish Friends for welcoming us into your home. And lütfen invite us again!

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