Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Authentic Turkish Days

This time in Istanbul is really about visiting and catching up with friends. Turkish Friends have embraced Youngest Son and me in every sense. Of course, the location does makes it incredibly, super duper special.

Over the past couple days, we have had many authentic Turkish experiences:

- Attended 8 year old Turkish Daughter's Musical: Youngest Son and I enjoyed the musical (even in Turkish) and Turkish Daughter was delightful.

- Took a Pilate's Class: Turkish Mother generously took me to her Pilate's class. It was in Turkish but my "hamstring and gluteus maximus pain" apparently had no language difficulties!

- Shopped on Bağdat Avenue: Yes you read that right - me shopping (I rarely shop) on a very cosmopolitan street that is the heart of the Asian side of Istanbul. The best part was having Turkish Mother's Sister be my own personal shopper! No exaggeration. I am wearing my new black & white patterned tights and a sparkling red bracelet as I type this - feeling quite fashionable I am!

Turkish Mother and American/Turkish Friend help Youngest Son pick out Turkish Delight from the one and only Divan Patisserie (Oldest Son was thrilled when I told him of our acquisition to bring home.)

Youngest Son now collecting Trashies ... Fairly certain he cannot catch up with American/Turkish Friend's multitudes.

All is not shopping ... Protesters are placing their "demands" on this spot on Bağdat Avenue. This is where we marched Sunday evening.

- Relaxed in the Garden: Turkish Mother's Father brought a bottle of blush wine to share just with me (no one else drinks alcohol) as Turkish Mother, Turkish Mother's Sister, the kids and I gathered outside in Turkish Family's garden this afternoon. Turkish Mother's Father is a man of stature physically and with a bigger than life personality to match. Turkish Father does not speak English but we all had vibrant and flowing conversations thanks to our patient Turkish Family translators.

Our afternoon in the garden with Turkish beef, cheese, homemade quince jam, olives, walnuts, bread and wine.

Turkish Prince (age 3 1/2) LOVES to wrestle. American/Turkish Friend, Turkish Daughter and Youngest Son are thrilled to oblige this afternoon. Miraculously NO tears!

- Eating Sea Fish on the Hilltop: Turkish Mother's Father also took us to dinner in the most spectacular setting on an Istanbul hilltop. We had four different kinds of fish from the Black Sea! I honestly have never seen Youngest Son eat so much food: fish, more fish, then more fish, then dessert, then fruit and more fruit and more dessert and Turkish tea ... it when on and on and on ...
Turkish Mother's Father picked out our obviously fresh Turbot Fish.

Turbot fish velvety white meat cooked perfectly.
Our marvelous meal and day ends with Turkish Tea, fruit and baklava ...

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