Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Breast-Free & The Swimsuit

My Summer Beach Look!
In December 2012, I made the decision to live breast-free after my January 2013 bi-lateral mastectomy. Commuter Husband supported me 100%. I have lived breast-free for almost five months. It was and is the absolutely right decision for me.

Today I got past THE clothing hurdle. Breast-free in a swimsuit. Giant shout out to Land's End! Last week I ordered swim shorts (I quit wearing regular bottoms years ago) and this super nifty swim shirt. Given I have had breast cancer and skin cancer in the last year, it seems prudent to cover as much skin as possible! Hopefully the shirt will hold up well in the water ... that test coming soon ...

How do I feel? I am happy with this comfortable and modest look. I am relieved to have a swimsuit that fits both my new body and my personality. I hope other women will see pictures of this middle-aged woman and see that it is not so bad to be breast-free  ...
Front On and Close Up

Side View

Feeling good about it!

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