Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Three Gems

Youngest Son and I have already had a little fruit with lots of whip cream at this point!
Mother's Day 2013 was wonderful with Commuter Family. It started with a watermelon fruit bowl, a smoothie and coffee (of course!) served in bed. Then I opened my cards. The homemade cards from Oldest Son and Youngest Son were simply remarkable. Each son showed his own unique heart in how each chose to express himself.

Oldest Son cut out a pink heart on which he wrote a simple message and also indicated he put his feelings "on a screen." As I ate my breakfast in bed, he whipped out his Acer laptop and ran a PowerPoint with inspiring images accompanied by bullet points to communicate his sweet and so thoughtful Mother's Day wishes for me. He both surprised and touched me with his creative effort. My 7th grader is growing up this year which is forcing my Mommy brain to think of him in different ways (it is that inevitable bittersweetness of parenting.)

Youngest Son wrote a poem and made his card for me. He created pouches in the card to hold the gems he had collected as his own souvenirs on his school trip to Inner Space a couple weeks ago. His poem matched each of the precious stones unselfishly gifted to me. This child's soul is generous and sincere ...
Youngest Son gave me gems more valuable than diamonds - corny but true.
Commuter Husband concluded the card extravaganza with a naughty and hilarious (not kid appropriate) store bought card that had me literally laughing through my tears.

If the day had ended right there. It would have been enough. More than enough.

But we then hit the road early to arrive at the Scarborough Renaissance Festival and watch the "before the gates open" shtick. We started there at 9:45am and left at 6:45 pm. Fun. Fun. Fun. This was the boys' first renaissance festival.

Attending a renaissance festival with these boys means lots of time in the armories, engaging in competition, throwing things and watching shows involving weapons, magic and/or bawdy humor.

Oldest Son and Youngest Son in the Armory, of course.
Oldest Son, ME (yes ME in the middle) and Youngest Son about to spare with metal swords, for real.
See those 3 black balloons on our shoulders and head? Those are the targets and we are dead when all 3 popped! I was the first one dead and Oldest Son was the knighted winner.  
Oldest Son participating in the History of Weapons talk by a Scottish Highlander.
Youngest Son was beat by the chap in the kilt. Youngest Son put forth a commendable effort. 
My kind of day. I see the three gems bestowed on me by Youngest Son also representing My Three Gems: Loving Commuter Husband the Amethyst, Sweet Oldest Son the Citrine and Soulful Youngest Son the Fluorite. 

Oh so sappy I am this evening :)

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