Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Week with Commuter Husband

This Morning:

Youngest Son says with a look of surprise "Daddy, you are here?" 

Obviously, Youngest Son knows Commuter Husband is usually gone before he wakes at the beginning of each school week. But this week is different. Commuter Husband is taking a week of vacation at home in Dallas!

We have lots of end of school activities, ballgames, doctor appointments, events, household chores and preparations for our Summer travels. Although it has not and will not be a leisurely 10 days, we are excited to have Commuter Husband in the fray of our week days. It is oh so nice to have him helping with car pools, emails, general child care, etc.

And the Best Part? Sitting around the dinner table tonight after Youngest Son's and Oldest Son's baseball games eating Commuter Husband's savory roasted chicken with green beans, potatoes, onions & carrots and talking about all the stuff from our day ...

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