Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Blasted Rocket!

The black circular part at the bottom is deceiving in its complexity to build!
Some things I try very, very hard to keep within Commuter Husband's area of responsibilities. One of those is Rocket Day. Kids love building and shooting their rockets and some of their parents do too. Two weeks ago Commuter Husband helped Youngest Son equip himself for today's rocket launch.

Youngest Son shot four blast offs before his rocket malfunctioned this afternoon. And guess what?  Youngest Son has a second Rocket Day tomorrow which means we get to build a new rocket tonight. Not part of my original plan, for sure.

Imagine overly excited kid and agitated Mommy who wishes Commuter Husband was home to help with the great rocket build. How did it go for Youngest Son and me?

  • I grumble
  • Youngest Son starts grabbing stuff and sticking glue on it & oh my gosh that is not right!
  • We yell at each other
  • Youngest Son burns his finger when he insisted on using the glue gun
  • We yell at each other
  • Youngest Son runs to neighbor house to borrow a different kind of glue
  • We yell at each other
  • Perhaps we laugh a bit at this point
  • The neighbor's glue is not the right kind
  • Oh NO ... we broke a critical plastic bit
  • Youngest Son cries
  • Well not so broken, I figure out how to fix it
  • We yell at each other but not quite as vehemently
  • I manage to get the awful glue gun to hold the parts together
  • Youngest Son holds his finger under cold water to sooth blister forming from glue gun burn
  • We start to smile
  • A piece is missing that was lost when Youngest Son tore open box between store and house
  • We yell a tiny bit more
  • Oldest Son joins the scene
  • We improvise for the missing piece
  • We are smiling
  • The rocket is finished
  • Youngest Son is supremely confident that the rocket will work tomorrow (I am not so sure)
  • Youngest Son gives me a sincere hug and we go on with our evening
Evil Glue Gun

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