Friday, February 5, 2016

A World Imperfect

I really need to sign up for a poetry class. And escape to a beach with no news feed.

A world broken
War and refugees 
Poverty and disease
Rape and murder
Men and domination
Never ending
Lessons learned, not really

A world confused
Wealth and power
Land and borders
Religion and G-d
Sex and force
Never ending
History repeating, over and over

A world intolerant
Women and skin
Special and different
Poor and uneducated
Beliefs and cultures
Never ending
Closed minds, always a battle

A world political
Lies and deceit
Corruption and money
Deals and alliances
Selfish and self-absorbed
Never ending
False leaders, getting worse and worse

A world of children
Abandoned and orphaned
Pressured and stressed
Abused and forgotten
Sold and subjected
Never ending
Empty promises, the cycle repeating
Our Children (Youngest Son & Nephew). Simple Beauty. (@ DMA)

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