Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Teen Boy Mismanagement of Clothing - Part 2

This Morning as Oldest Son Walks into Upper School

Me thinking "Those jeans look huge and so short ... hmmmm. Does he have on Youngest Son's jeans?"
(Youngest Son now outweighs his brother but is still shorter.)

This Afternoon when Oldest Son Returns Home

I say quizzically to Oldest Son "Uhm ... those jeans are huge and too short. Let me look at them."
(Oldest Son takes off his BELT and hands the jeans to me.)

I am stunned. Oldest Son has been wearing Commuter Husband's jeans ALL DAY. Let us put this in perspective:
  • Oldest Son: Who requires a belt with his 28 x 32/33 jeans for his slim, runner's frame
  • Commuter Husband: Who has very cute but short legs for his 33 x 30 jeans
How the heck did he NOT notice? This says much about my unassuming Oldest Son and his priorities. Love Him. 

Recall the boys are doing their own laundry and putting away their clothes with a primary objective being that they will keep up with their own items of clothing better. Obviously that goal is not going quite as I had hoped. However, we did get a much needed good laugh today!
Thank goodness Oldest Son had a belt! Commuter Husband will be getting these back now ...

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