Sunday, July 19, 2015


Sometimes motherhood takes a seemingly comical turn. This morning I am faced with an odd decision.

We are going through the last stages of our remodel (yes - that remodel that started January 2014) and disposing of stuff. Since Oldest Son and Youngest Son have transitioned from "sweet little" boys to "are they nuts" teens, we are disposing of many of their childhood items. As the lone female in the house, I seem to be the only one bothered by this activity.

Which brings me to today's decision: what do I do with their baby teeth that I have kept in a drawer since 2006? Commuter Husband suggests without hesitation that I throw them away. He is right of course.

But I am thinking of .... those excited faces when a bloody tooth presented itself and the day Oldest Son lost two teeth in one day and when Youngest Son finally lost his first molar! In the USA, we were visited by the Tooth Fairy and in Mexico we were visited by the Tooth Raton (translates rat and I am serious.)

So today I simply shove them back into my drawer ... it is not much space in my house but a considerable spot in my heart (crazy I know.)
The Stack of Teeth 


  1. I'm all about keeping them too, my friend. My mother kept a few of mine, and before I married, gave me two of them with the stories behind my losing them as well as some of her other personal keepsakes from my childhood. Crazy, maybe? But, I cherish them. So rarely do we have any concrete ties to our past. Enjoy and hang on when you can to your personal narrative. :) S.C.