Saturday, July 25, 2015

Driving is More Than ...

Earlier I was in the backseat when Oldest Son asked Commuter Husband what he thought of TPP. A quick iPhone google search told me this is the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement. Then we discussed the recent Onion article on Iran and Israel. Then the conversation turned to baseball and who would buy the ice cream at the Braums' drive through. And an hour ago during dinner at the Flying Fish, we were in an animated discussion on the recent allegations against Planned Parenthood. 

So , what exactly are we doing tonight? We are passengers while Oldest Son drives us around getting his daytime and nighttime drivers education hours. Oldest Son is doing online drivers education which is parent directed.

We are certainly teaching our 15 year old to drive but the real teachable moments are embedded in the 32 captive hours in the car. The conversations jump from current events to jokes to school to food to sports to driving instructions and on and on ... we also have laughter and sarcasm and yelling and teasing and opinions and on and on ...

Occasionally we get these gems from Oldest Son the Teen: "One of my biggest pet peeves is when people tell me to do what I am already about to do." Of course, this statement prompted Commuter Husband to purposely provide obvious directions just to annoy Oldest Son because ... well ... that is what fathers do with sons.

Good times. Truly.

Oldest Son learning practical skills such as putting gas in the Prius at Quicktrip.

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