Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Commuter Family Style

Youngest Son's hand made card for Commuter Husband and me says "Thank you for giving me great opportunities in life."
Traditions sometimes just happen thus we have the Valentine's Day Kiss Trail. Every February 14th morning, Oldest Son and Youngest Son awaken to a trail of Hershey chocolate kisses. They gather their sweet loot and follow the trail to tokens of their parent's great affection ...

Youngest Son pushing his Kisses in a pile for easier pick up.
Youngest Son's gifts include Superman book, Nike socks, LAX shorts and fancy brownie mix - themes hitting many of his passions! 
Mommy with Commuter Husband was generously bestowed with the traditional flowers and candy and mushy cards. Oldest Son's hand written  message to Mommy is the best. 
Oldest Son gets Pop Tarts (which we NEVER buy) and the books he so loves. This special edition of  The Lord of the Rings is fabulous.
Commuter Husband really made out this year with a new iPad Air - he was stunned. And, the boys were on holiday and Commuter Husband took a vacation day!

It felt really, really, really good to start this leisurely day with tangible expressions of how much we love each other - our tradition celebrating family love.

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