Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Sound of Homework

Oldest Son hangs his cap on his backpack as he gets ready to study for his math test.
The grass stain on the knee of his baseball pants reminds me of the little boy.
Oldest Son is in 8th grade and Youngest Son is in 5th Grade. The are both in a private Middle School with substantial academic demands. Each child also has various extracurricular interests in which they are passionate thus they must plan their homework around these activities. Our afternoons are often filled with the Sound of Homework.

Each child is at his desk either writing or reading or studying. A small bowl of pretzels slowly empties. Youngest Son still has an occasional question for me. Oldest Son is way beyond needing my help.

The Sound of Homework is the sound of independence. It is a silent, steady rhythm.

Youngest Son busy with history.

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