Monday, February 17, 2014

Breasts Begone

I have found a great Breast Cancer resource with the moniker Flat & Fabulous

FlatANDFabulous Public Page

FlatANDFabulous Closed Group

Copied from the Closed Group Page
This closed group is for anyone who has undergone a mastectomy and is now living the flat and fabulous life! (did you choose not to have reconstruction? did you have to reverse your reconstruction? are you contemplating it?) whatever the case, we are all-inclusive and would love to see you here ♥ Many of us can understand the day to day issues we have to deal with. :) We can figure it out together. We are open-minded, supportive and most importantly, UNCENSORED! So feel free to open up and let off some steam or express yourselves in any way you need to! We do not judge or discriminate! We believe in embracing each other and accepting each other's differences! No matter what! ♥

For anyone who fits this description OR is newly diagnosed then Flat & Fabulous is a valuable information and support resource to access.

Another resource is 

My experience has shown me that the standard avenues for gathering information are lacking for women to consider a breast free option when choosing a breast cancer treatment plan. Reconstruction is not even an option for all women thus it is imperative that they understand what to expect from the beginning. Then, there are those women who fall into the deconstruction category which can be an especially tortured journey.

There are definitely decisions to make from the get go that can ease what is already a stressful life moment and life threatening time for many. The medical community does not seem prepared to provide thorough and transparent information. My opinion is based on my own experiences, talking with other women, reading about the journeys of other breast cancer survivors on the Internet and trying to find my own information on the Internet.

We live in the information age! Pictures, statistics, surgical options, etc. should all be readily available from our medical community. Women should not have to rely on Facebook pages, discussion boards and personal blogs - as wonderful as those resources are.

Unless we are educated, we cannot be an advocate for ourselves.


  1. thank you so much for sharing our group & page - it truly helps those women who feel/felt alone find a strong sisterhood of others who are living without reconstruction!

    1. Sarah - you guys have done an amazing job with the Facebook Flat & Fabulous group! I agree strongly that it is important for women to know these resources and options exist! I wish I would have found you earlier in my journey.