Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Days with Family

Being together is the theme of these days together. Simple and uncomplicated.

Lazy Sunday
We took the day off from skiing and many of us stayed in pajamas all day. Brother and I grew up watching 42 and then playing all our adult life. This dominoes game remains one of our favorites. We have now taught Oldest Son (Age 13), Youngest Son (Age 11) and Oldest Niece (age 12) to play and they have embraced this tradition. They can accurately count the dominoes, predict other player's strategy and dish out the smack talk!
Our make shift 42 board - ha! 
Youngest Niece finds another way to play with the dominoes!
We have eaten well too. Sister-in-Law made a scrumptious roast chicken and rosemary potatoes with Commuter Husband assisting where he could. I sipped hot chocolate with Baily's - so yummy.
Kitchen Help :)
Tasted as good as it looks!
Monday and Tuesday - Back to the Slopes
We got back to Crystal Mountain to ski Monday. Brother, the five kids and I "survived" Monday. The morning brought rain - not snow - so we were all damp and some wet to the skin. The afternoon had very limited visibility due to the snow coming down. By 2:15pm the sun peeped out and the snow stopped but then we had strong winds knocking over the younger ones. All of this on runs with a shallow base and icy top. The are no wimpy kids in this family - I can vouch for that for sure!

Tuesday made it all worthwhile. Brother and I took Oldest Son, Youngest Son and Oldest Niece back to Crystal Mountain for a third day. We had sunny skies and a new, albeit thin, layer of snow.

Youngest Son decided to strap on skis and leave his snow board behind. He is the only one of our crew to both ski and snow board - so characteristic of him! While I managed to keep up on the Blues and pick my way down a small Black, Oldest Son and Oldest Niece can now traverse the mountain faster and better than me. Brother took these two older kids up and down the more challenging runs until even Brother said his legs were done for the day. It was a good day on the slopes with family.

Stuff piled up during our peanut butter sandwich lunch
Youngest Son, Oldest Son, Oldest Niece and me with Mount Rainier looming behind us.

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