Sunday, December 29, 2013

Clean Up Surgery Day 3

Commuter Husband used the above to bandage my chest.
Today was just plain bad luck. I woke up this morning and started eating a banana in order to take my pain medication. I could tell something was not right. Very soon I was vomiting ... for hours. No fever. I have a stomach virus. Commuter Husband called the Plastic Surgeon who prescribed a phenergan suppository. By mid-day, things had settled down and I slept until evening.

I just awoke long enough tonight to take a shower and put on fresh bandages. The incision is 18 inches long with a small 1/2 gap on my breast plate. The cut looks long and red. I do believe the excess skin and tissue is gone. There is some swelling which is to be expected. Commuter Husband remarks "It looks better than last time."

I just took my first pain killer of the day with some toast. Back to sleep ...

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