Saturday, October 12, 2013

Looking Different

I look different. How can I not? I no longer have double D breasts. People who have just met me are not aware of any change. I look like a woman with a flat chest who wears lots of pretty scarves and blouses with ruffles. Most of these new people do not know about my breast cancer or the breast-free choices I have made. While I do not avoid discussing, it is not something that typically comes up in casual conversation.

And the people who have known me? I am not sure what they think when they look at me. I do get many "you look great" comments which are greatly appreciated and I think are sincere. But what sequence of thoughts runs through their mind? the first time they see me? or day after day?

The after me has new clothes. And I have all these wonderful people who knew me before to thank. I have had so many friends and family make, send, give or buy me scarves. I have received emails and Facebook messages on how to tie scarves, ruching and links to personal accounts to purchase accessories. Gifts of t-shirts and blouses and undershirts have been generously given to me. Others have taken me shopping helping me find a new fashion statement. Each and ever one of these acts of kindness have motivated me to embrace my body shape.

Grateful. Grateful. GRATEFUL. This has been an important part of my emotional recovery. I did not have the mental energy to do this part completely alone and so glad I did not have to ...

Breast-free looks like this with no extra accessories.


  1. You have been a blessing to all. Hope you are feeling your best.

    1. Zeta - Thank you for such kinds words and from someone (you) of great strength and inspiration! I am feeling very well - truly.