Friday, October 18, 2013

An Open Mind

Turkish Prince, Youngest Son, Artist Friend's Daughter and Turkish Daughter explore with light, color, shadows, movement and touch. 
I have a friend who takes me to places I would not think to go. My Artist Friend helps me see the world in ways I would not consider. Tonight she lead us to Aurora, a free contemporary art exhibit, in Dallas Art's District.

Our dear Turkish Friends are visiting: Turkish Father, American Turkish Friend (Noah's 11 year friend for the last 9 years), Turkish Daughter (age 8) and our Turkish Prince (almost 4.) We all ventured into the perfect Texas night to view the lights, music and videos.

Youngest Son "I don't get some of this stuff." That is good. Art can make you feel or think or consider thoughts that are outside your comfort zone.

Art opens your mind. An Open Mind is a beautiful thing.

Perhaps this photo is slightly artistic ... for me anyway. Turkish Prince skirts behind Artist Friend's Daughter as Youngest Son embraces the moment.
Imagine "Singing in the Rain" and these umbrellas opening and closing to the music ... hear the snap of the nylon? This installation made me feel happy and unable to resist twitching to the beat as I thought of Gene Kelly jumping in the puddles.

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