Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sukkot Erev

Commuter Husband & Oldest Son put up our Sukkah last Sunday but it is not decorated yet.
This year's Sukkot Erev is eerily quiet. Commuter Husband is in Houston. Oldest Son is on the 8th Grade Camp Out. Youngest Son is preoccupied with his Student Forum speech and homework and a new book. I am super busy with a work project.

Sukkot is one of my favorite holidays ... usually. We invite company over to share a leisurely meal as the sun sets and strings of lights twinkle around us. We say prayers and shake the lulav. Kids run around. This is what we typically do on Sukkot Erev.

Tonight, Youngest Son and I did share pizza in the Sukkah. Sadly all four members our Commuter Family will not be able to have dinner together in the Sukkah until Sunday - in four days! Then there are only 3 days left.

This year, I need to focus the quality of days not quantity of days. And I have some ideas for those days we do have ...
Yes we are one of those families that puts up colored lights! No other decorations quite yet.

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