Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cancer Influences

My non-life threatening breast cancer intensified my mid-life priorities. There were many things on my "I have got to do that" list. I have actioned some of the good health ones.

Last year, I drank coffee ALL day long. Crazy amounts of coffee. This year, I drink one cup every morning. I am so happy my caffeine intake has gone down. And I really savor that one cup. I literally drink every single drop.

Last year, my exercise regimen was nil. This year, I am walking several days a week - often every day. I have started to introduce running into my week. I even got to the yoga studio once. I have been consciously taking it slow to not over tax my body. My Walking Buddies have been key to helping me stay on track and have loads of fun too. They are quite entertaining.

Last year, my weight was creeping up and my clothes did not fit well. This year, I have lost several of those extra pounds and am working my way down to my ideal weight. I am focused on portion control and organic, healthy food choices. I always think of my Special Turkish Friend (Mrs. T) when grocery shopping. Youngest Son says "what would Mrs. T do?" Apparently Mrs. T taught him not to purchase anything with ingredients you cannot pronounce! MyFitnessPal and RunKeeper iPhone apps have also helped keep me focused. Thanks to the Apps Queen for hooking me in!

We try to buy most of our food from Sprouts which is a local grocery store that stocks lots of organics.
Honestly, these things are not easy for me as a full-time working consultant, single mother during the week, weekend wife and committed friend. There is another worrisome list of things that just do not get completed as I would like. However, my mental health is better when my physical health is optimal. Perhaps that is the real goal.

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