Monday, July 22, 2013

The Music

Life is one grand, sweet song, so start the music.
          Ronald Reagan 

I like thinking of life this way. I had many moments of sweet music on my recent visit to London ...

Fancy Dress Party
My awesome Artistic Friend was in London this past weekend for her brother's 50th birthday party and it was a fancy dress party for Damsels, Deacons and Dons. And I got to go!!! Artistic friend and I had a truly wonderful time finding just the right costume at the thrift store and getting ready together like giggling college  girls. A first for me - gluing on false eye lashes - oh my.

My attempt at a selfie in my party finery!
Poor, poor misunderstood stepsisters of Cinderella?
A blurrr of aquaaaa and currrlsss ...
Artistic friend feeling the music with 18 year old nephew! We danced allot - nice to let go on occasion.

And the venue. And the costumes. So fabulous.

Which stepsister lost her slippers?
One final end of night (2:30am!) selfie in all that AQUA!
(Those shoes actually had platform heels when I arrived - they sorta disintegrated- seriously.)

I got to go to the London theater twice. I saw Billy Elliott and Noel Coward's Private Lives. LOVED Billy Elliott - I cried, I laughed and I cheered. Private Lives was a feel good British comedy - quite enjoyable. And a bit more low brow was the premiere of Wolverine outside my hotel - saw Hugh Jackman from afar and the cars arriving on the red carpet - Youngest Son and Oldest Son will be jealous.
Taken in the Tube. Go see this!!!
Our snack at Private Lives.
Artistic Friend and I had Pimm's before Private Lives started AND at intermission!
Red carpet leads up to the Wolverine Premier platform on the right at the Empire in Leister Square.
Art Museums
Another treat was going to the Tate Britain and the Wallace Collection with Artistic Friend - how great to see art with an artist! We saw three exhibits at Tate Britain: Caulfield, Hume and Lowry. The Wallace Collection was in the Wallace mansion and housed many valuables sent for safe keeping during the French Revolutionary War and whose owners lost their heads.
Lunch in the Wallace Collection garden area.
In addition to art, the Wallace Collection has an extensive armory - Oldest Son would be in heaven!
Traditional Sunday Roast
A lovely Sunday afternoon was spent having "roast" at a pub on the Thames with a transplanted American friend. A just right end to my trip.
Roast with Yorkshire Pudding and a pint of Extra Cold Guinness. Joy.


  1. What a beautiful evening! You captured it so well. I'm sorry to say, I'm hopeless when it comes to false eyelashes. Yours looked great. Maybe I'll have to give them another try for the next big event. Hope everything is lovely in London!

    1. Hi E - It was truly a unique evening for this Texas girl. Those eye lashes were over the top - too funny!. The lashes "hovered" all evening and early morning too :)