Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Living the Moment

Mid-life. Brush with cancer. Kids moving out of childhood. Lives taken too soon.
All possible reasons that ...

My life choices have taken on a brighter hue. I choose to experience all that I can grab from this life, right now.

Consequently, there has been a definitive shift in my decision making processes.

The antonyms for decision are deferment, deferral, delay, indecision, postponement. My approach is to avoid all and any of those opposites.

Here are some of my priorities and stuff in motion:

  • Spending interesting time with those I care about and who want to spend reciprocal time with me and/or my family
  • Going places and doing things I have never done before (especially with the boys)
  • Providing for my family but also thinking about professional opportunities previously not allowed into my consciousness
  • Spending a reasonable amount of money to make life a bit easier and more enjoyable for my family and me
  • Taking better care of myself mentally and physically (this one coming in slowly but in steady forward motion)
  • Seek knowledge ... always, always learning 
  • Love, cherish and enjoy Youngest Son, Oldest Son and Commuter Husband
On the future list is to focus in on the issues I care about in my community and seek ways to be an outspoken advocate. 

So I am too busy and overextended. My house is an unorganized mess. Occasionally a bill goes out late. I screw up on logistical details. I do still get frustrated when these kinds of mishaps happen. But I get over it.

To live a passionate life - where the colors are bold red and brilliant orange and sky blue and hot pink and serene green. Yes, please.
Moments - big & small - full of color. Turkish coffee in Istanbul with friends of the heart. June 2013.  

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