Monday, July 1, 2013

Friendship in Bodrum, Turkey

Youngest Son and American/Turkish Friend exploring the Mediterranean Sea shore at sunset. Love this image.
Youngest Son and I concluded our spectacular trip with our kind hearted Turkish Friends in Bodrum this past weekend. We could see the islands of Greece from Bodrum, Turkey. 

Love. Friendship. Laughter. Forever. Commuter Family & Turkish Family.

Our Turkish breakfast included cheeses, watermelon, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, toasted bread, jams, honey, eggs , tea and coffee. The soft white cheeses are my favorite.
We ate breakfast under the tall trees looking over the sea. Soft waves create the sound of peace.
After breakfast, Youngest Son tramples me at checkers - many times.  
Turkish Daughter building sand castles. 
Youngest Son, Turkish Daughter and American/Turkish Friend hold tight to the tube!
"Ball" is the universal language for boys the world over ...
Bodrum has many bays and we visited one with a fancy marina. Youngest Son, Turkish Daughter and American/Turkish Friend preparing to enter this very unique art gallery in an old building on the bay. 
Youngest Son recognizing squiggly lines in the paintings are really stick figures depicting the intended message.
In another Bodrum Bay with local artists - this one is firing glass figures.
Midnight Tea oozing with ambiance ...
Youngest Son jumps off the deck into the clear, cool water.
Youngest Son is sporting that European look! 
Generous Grandpa, Turkish Mother's Father, treats us to a feast of baked fresh fish and vegetables. 
Grandpa, Youngest Son (this is his plate) and American/Turkish Boy each savor the meat of the fish head. I took a pass on this body part.
We will be back ...

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