Sunday, April 3, 2016

The Empty Laundry Hamper

A universal teenage mystery is why the laundry hamper remains empty in said teenager's room and bathroom. I have no magic solution. I advise some level of acceptance to my fellow parents of teenagers.

Our approach is twofold. Since Youngest Son does his own laundry weekly, he will eventually gather the piles and wash. And we are fortunate enough to have a Tuesday housekeeper thus he complies with our requirement that his room and bathroom are clean by Monday night at 9pm (and if he does not then he gets to scrub the toilet which has happened.)

The other six days of the week ... well ...
My favorite aspect of Youngest Son's bathroom is the two open drawers - really?!
And why are the hot pink beats Youngest Son bought with his own money on top of the wet towel?
THIS is the EMPTY laundry hamper within inches of the bathroom hurricane including shorts, socks, shirts and underwear.
And we move to the bedroom where Youngest Son is consistent in his approach tidiness.
Another EMPTY laundry hamper in the bedroom and also within inches of discarded clothing.

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