Wednesday, March 30, 2016

And The Next Day ...

Yesterday I was basking in the passing acknowledgement from Youngest Son that arguing may not always be the easiest of routes. 

And then there was today. As a working mother, I try to pick a few volunteer opportunities each year at the school Oldest Son and Youngest Son attend. Last night, I let Youngest Son know I was helping cover 7th grade lunch today. His immediate response was to ask in a less than enthusiastic voice "Why?"

I arrive today to join three other mothers to execute our lunchroom duties. We wait on the sidewalk as the 7th graders approach the cafeteria. Youngest Son's best friend approaches me to say hello and apologetically tell me he is trying to get Youngest Son to come over. Youngest Son is in full blown teenage "avoid my mother" mode.

So here is how things shake out as students go through the lunch line and find tables to sit:

  • Mother #1 is invited by her 7th grade son to sit with him and his friends.
  • The daughters of Mothers #2 and #3 try to avoid their mothers but the mothers move their stuff to the table where daughters are sitting.
  • Mother #4 (that is me) discreetly inquires if Youngest Son wants me to sit with him and his five friends and the answer is a definitive No as expected.
Alas it was like one of those after school specials with that awkward moment when the main character realizes they have no one to eat lunch with ... oh my! So it is a good thing I am a grown up and confident and able to enjoy my salad at a four-top alone. And I also know that Youngest Son is exerting predictable teenage independence and this is part of his particular journey to adulthood. My job is to love this kid unconditionally each day and especially on those days where friends are the center of his world as expected.
The Lunchroom at The School.

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