Saturday, November 21, 2015

It Is Really Quite Simple

Less fortunate can mean many things such as
  • Temporary set back due to loss of job or health 
  • Lifelong struggles with mental illness
  • Unable to function well after an unhappy childhood
  • Being born the wrong gender or color or in the wrong place
  • Caught in an abusive situation unable to escape
  • Physical disability preventing work at decent wages
  • Caring for special needs child or elderly person
  • Addictions to substances or food
  • Chronic illness that will never go away
  • Not very smart and unable to make logical decisions
  • Loss of family due to car accident, cancer, war, violence
  • Kids in foster care tossed around from place to place
  • Making one bad decision that impacts forever
  • Living in a war zone
  • Homeless for any of the above reasons
The less fortunate are women, children, men, families, sisters, brothers, cousins, mothers, fathers, elderly, veterans, refugees, etc. And yes some less fortunate are simply lazy and depend on others.

I admire people who work hard and are productive members of society. Currently I am one of these people. But I am not better or more deserving than those less fortunate. The list at the top could be me or it could be my child or it could be my neighbor or it could be my best friend's grandchild. I am okay with my tax dollars spent, my non-profit donations helping and my time allocated; for I am lucky because I am one of the fortunate ones.

It is not complicated. Do not judge. Help those in need. All human life is valuable. All humans deserve love.

We do not choose who to help. We choose to help all.

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