Saturday, November 28, 2015

Hero or Superhero?

Scene: Friday morning after Thanksgiving with my Brother, Oldest Son, Youngest Son, Yougest Niece, Oldest Niece and Commuter Husband who are lounging in our front room in PJs. Nephew and his Girlfriend have not emerged yet.

Topic: Is Batman a Hero or Superhero? 

Oldest Son confidently maintains that Batman is a Superhero and utilizes his deep knowledge of both DC and Marvel comics to support his position. Youngest Niece (age 11) impressively defends her statement that Batman is a Hero. The conversation is lively as ALL participants (kids and adults) express their heartfelt positions. The definitions of superhero, super power and hero are the crux of the debate. They reference many other Superheroes to substantiate their arguments and cite sources from comic books as well as movies. Ultimately, no one in this group of independent thinkers acquiesces!

I was supremely entertained listening to the family banter. Sometimes life is just this simple.

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