Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My Feminist Soapbox

Here is what I wish:
  • Women would refuse to work at the breastaurants.
  • Men would refuse to spend money at breastaurants.
If either of these things occurred then breastaurants would go out of business.

Instead I just read this discouraging sentence and the article that goes with it is just as depressing:

"By channeling the lust and gluttony of its patrons, these restaurants have delivered blockbuster growth in an industry that has struggled to move the sales needle."

Many will feel I should lighten up. However, I am not going to come off this soapbox. There is nothing positive that comes out of breastuarants. 
  • Women are oversexualized and the focus on body image is unhealthy. This has a negative ripple effect (an understatement.)
  • My teenage sons are exposed to a paradigm that creates unrealistic and undesirable attitudes towards women. 
  • The large amounts of money being spent on these establishments are taking profits away from restaurants that provide quality dining experiences in which friends and family can share a wonderful meal. Sharing a meal is more than just sustenance, it is a precious moment in which people connect.
Just my opinion.

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