Thursday, April 2, 2015

Adventure Rabbi: Post #1

Youngest Son's study materials
I have added a new label to my blog: Adventure Rabbi

Commuter Family was planning a return trip to Israel for Noah's Bar Mitzvah. However, we have changed directions. I sent this out via email today:


Hi All,
We have had an exciting change of plans for Youngest Son's Bar Mitzvah. We have decided not to go to Israel in June this year - we are disappointed but anticipate going at a future time.

We will be celebrating Youngest Son's Bar Mitzvah on June 11th on a mountain in South Lake Tahoe, CA! 
Pretty sure it will include a hike too :)

Rabbi Evon who lives in South Lake Tahoe will be helping Noah and conducting the service. We are excited that Youngest Son's Temple Emanu-El Tutor will continue assisting Youngest Son with his Hebrew studies. If you are curious about Adventure Rabbi – more info here:

We know all of you will be with us in spirit and love. However, if any of you want to be there or will be hanging out in California around June 11th then you are welcome to join us on the Mountain Top.

Feel free to pass this along or share the news with any one that has been a part of Youngest Son's 13 years. 

We wish all of you a Happy Passover or Happy Easter or a relaxing weekend!

We are excited to explore this new and progressive approach to Judaism with Adventure Rabbi. I will capture our thoughts as we go ...

Already it has been a new kind of experience. Last Friday afternoon, I submitted on online request to Adventure Rabbi to explore options for Youngest Son's Bar Mitzvah. Since then I have been on the phone with Rabbi Jamie Korngold (Adventure Rabbi founder) twice and exchanged 11 emails. One week later, we have a fully approved Bar Mitzvah plan with Rabbi Evon and I signed a contract for the June 11th service in South Lake Tahoe. Every decision and every discussion has been about meeting Youngest Son needs and making this important Jewish experience one that fits Youngest Son and our family. All this with Passover starting tomorrow!

Next Wednesday Youngest Son will schedule his 10 virtual sessions with Rabbi Evon. I will start working on logistics. And we will have this amazing opportunity to continue defining our Judiasm and learning about this synagogue without walls.

In that spirit, here is your invitation without envelopes, stamps or formal RSVPs. If you want to join, please do. Really.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO - 1.5 minutes

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