Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Aria of a Different Kind

What I woke up to on Valentines ...
 Commuter Husband and I celebrate 20 years of marriage in 2015. This morning our affair of the heart took a turn ...

As I awoke from a good night's rest, Commuter Husband says with both exasperation and humor "You had a snoring aria last night!"

And I groan loudly because no girl wants to snore! It is so unbecoming. I, of course, have no clue that I snore because I obviously cannot tell while I am sleeping.

I did say with sincerity to my sleepless Commuter Husband "You can go sleep elsewhere in the house when that happens, it is okay."

Commuter Husband responds sweetly and with a smile "I am gone all week and I want to sleep with you on the weekends." (and we really mean sleep here - really)

That is the definition of romance in my book.

Still the One by Orleans (CLICK HERE)
My valentines card to Commuter Husband was one of those play the tune cards ... Still the One!

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