Sunday, March 23, 2014

Commuter Birthdays

I made Oldest Son a Cola cake from scratch and made an attempt to decorate - at least it is colorful!
Today Oldest Son turned 14 years old. Commuter Husband did, of course, want to be here for the day. But Commuter Husband also has to be in Washington D.C. in the morning for a conference. He scheduled an 8pm flight out of Dallas through Denver with a 3 hour hour layover that then arrives in our Capital at 5am Monday morning. This is the route he chose versus an earlier in day direct flight.

Commuter Husband's comment:

"It will be okay. It is just like any other Monday, sleep deprived but at least I don't have to drive."  

This is truly a half full glass from the man who gets up every Monday morning at 3am to drive from Dallas to Houston. Definite emphasis on the Family part of Commuter Family this week ...

Commuter Husband cooked and served Oldest Son the traditional birthday breakfast in bed: french toast and berries with a raunchy, bathroom humor card on the side (unavoidable in this male dominated household.)
The day ended with a traditionally simple and impromptu birthday gathering with our neighbors. A great way to finish the day.


  1. Hope he had a happy birthday! It is an interesting juggling act.

    1. JUGGLING in all caps! Oldest Son had a great celebration weekend.