Thursday, March 6, 2014

Bathroom Bonding

Commuter Husband's counter which now includes boys' stuff too!
When we bought our mid-century ranch house in 1996, we remodeled about 40% of the house. This included converting a 5th bedroom into master closet and bathroom space. The large master bathroom is set up for servicing two at a time: double sinks, two shower heads and spacious soaking tub. When Oldest Son and Youngest Son were babies and toddlers, our Commuter Family of four did our thing all together in this bathroom. I vividly remember the feel of Youngest Son at five months clinging to my wet hip in the shower with Oldest Son playing under the second spout around my feet.

Commuter Husband and I were able to fully share our bathroom with the boys until Youngest Son started asking about my various body parts. Note Youngest Son became aware of differences far before Oldest Son.

Fast forward to 2014. We are remodeling again. Two of our three bathrooms are gutted. Thus we find ourselves sharing the master bathroom again. While we cannot conduct all types of bathroom business simultaneously as we did before, we are required to share counters and sinks and pass each other frequently. Thus, I am awakened in the middle of the night by the pitter patter sound of feet shuffling by and the tinkling crash of liquid hitting liquid. Our teenager's face cleansing routine is revealed. And I can see first hand if teeth are really brushed and flossing follows. Alas, I am also stepping over twice as many wet towels and scattered shoes.

I would not want this bathroom cohabitation to be permanent. However, I do admit that I enjoy being in close proximity for this slice of time with our little big boys.
BEFORE - Bathroom #1
BEFORE - Bathroom #2
DURING - Bathroom #1

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