Monday, January 13, 2014

One Year Ago ... Cancer ...

On Monday, January 14, 2013, many things were happening ...
  • Commuter Husband and I just had the most romantic Saturday night at Hotel St. Germain
  • My brother had flown in from Seattle to assist in whatever way he could
  • Offers of help and support were beyond anything I could have imagined
  • And I was headed to the hospital for a bi-lateral mastectomy with no reconstruction - my chosen treatment for early stage breast cancer

What did I underestimate?
  • I did not realize (accept) it would take 3 full months to heal 
  • I would need meds for 3 months to get through the nerve damage
  • Thus, I should have spread those awesome meals given to us out over a couple months
  • I was nuts to fly to Atlanta the weekend after surgery and more nuts to snow ski one month after surgery although I would do it again -- which, I guess, makes me nuts still - ha!
  • I did not fully understand the extra skin, tissue and dog ears that would be left - I thought my chest would be perfectly flat

What did I get right?
  • I chose the exact right treatment for me
  • I went to Baylor and had a great surgeon
  • I asked for and accepted help
  • I was open and honest with Oldest Son and Youngest Son
  • I had chosen the right kind of man to say and do all the right things in that moment
  • I shared my journey

What has changed?
  • I think I dress better because I have all these rocking scarves given to me by the many thoughtful and kind women in my life
  • I am more focused on my body being fit thus I eat better (working towards organic) and walk regularly with a few runs thrown in
  • I only drink one cup of coffee a day - HUGE change for me!
  • My tendency to seek new experiences is even stronger

What do I want other women with breast cancer to know from my journey?
  • Living breast-free is an option - explore it - think about it 

What do Oldest Son and Youngest Son say? 
  • Youngest Son matter-of-factly states "You haven't changed after it."
  • Oldest Son reflects "For awhile everything was different. You were out of commission, sometimes grumpy but now things are the same."

What did Oldest Son say when I asked if he was ever scared?
  • "No, I knew if anyone could get through it you could."

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