Saturday, January 18, 2014

Commuter Family Goes to Commuter Husband

On this holiday MLK weekend, Commuter Family has reversed the routine. On Friday afternoon, I picked up Oldest Son and Youngest Son at 1:45pm from school and we drove from Dallas to Houston. Our goal was to be at Congregation Emanu-El for Shabbat by 6pm. With some speed and a quick clothes change at the gas station, we pulled into the synagogue parking lot just a few minutes late.

Commuter Husband happily welcomed us as he ushered us into the synagogue. We had to stop for Youngest to re-button his shirt, Oldest Son and Commuter Husband to dash into the bathroom and all three of them to grab kippahs from the basket. We slipped in to see Bat Mitzvah Girl, our friend and purpose of our trip, reading prayers from the bimah.

Just over one year ago, this Jewish Houstonian Family of Three, were with us in Israel when Oldest became Bar Mitzah. Last March, we reconnected for Spring Break - CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT IT.

Last night as guests introduced themselves at Shabbat dinner, we heard from friends and family who had traveled in from 14 states! A few familiar faces were from our own Temple Emanu-El in Dallas. We are thrilled to be included as new friends of this special family. Commuter Husband, Oldest Son and Youngest Son even made the photo montage covered in Dead Sea mud with Bat Mitzvah girl - we may have been the only ones who knew it was us under all that black mud!

We are spending three nights in the designated Bat Mitzvah hotel for out of town guests. Our family of four quickly situated ourselves last night as we have spent quality time in one hotel room many, many times. I always love these times when we debate who is sleeping with whom in two queen beds, listening for the first "I forgot ..." (Oldest Son gets that honor this time as he forgot his dopp kit) and the teasing banter of male voices. It is also clear that these middle school age boys are becoming more and more independent by the minute; however, our family cadence is solid.

Being a Commuter Family certainly has its drawbacks but this chosen path more importantly gives us a bond and an identity. Commuter Husband is thrilled to have us on his weekday turf and we are excited to get away from our daily grind.

These excursions typically have ups and downs that form our unique fabric. And the running angst these weekend is ... Youngest Son, who clearly inherited my impatient nature, had to leave school Friday before he learned what his part is in the 5th Grade Greek Play. After a multitude of text and email requests, we still do not know if Youngest Son is Hades or Hermes or Eros or something else. Youngest Son might just explode if he does not find out before Tuesday when school convenes again!

December 2012 in Israel (ages 12 and 10): Oldest Son's Bar Mitzvah trip where we met Houstonian Family and where we enjoy the closeness that single hotel room.

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