Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Gift

Past Couple Months

Commuter Husband and I have had particularly tough work schedules recently. Commuter Husband has been traveling all over the country to conduct employee meetings and I have been putting in 60+ hour work weeks.

6:23pm Last Night - Commuter Husband sends me a text that he is leaving Houston

After working 13 hours, Commuter Husband then drives 4 hours from Houston to Dallas to arrive home well after bedtime.

6:24pm Last Night - I text back ...

... the back gate out, the security system out and fridge in garage is out ...

It was all true. Oldest Son and I had to clean some items out of the warm fridge - ugh.

10:15pm Last Night

Commuter arrives home. He resets the breaker which restores all our "out" stuff.

3:00am This Morning

My alarm goes off at 3am so I can prepare for a 7am meeting. I drift into the kitchen and Commuter Husband hands me a cup of coffee. I ask why is he up? He responds "To make you coffee." And he heads back to bed ...

5:45am This Morning

As I shower, I try to figure out when I can get gas since I know the tank is down to 38 miles. I am calculating if I can get to downtown and then back out to Plano for meetings.

6:05am This Morning

Commuter Husband nonchalantly tells me he put gas in my car last night - that would be after arriving home at 10:15pm!

A surge of relief and love swept through me. I looked over at Commuter Husband with tears in my eyes and said I love you (with meaning.) To have one less thing to do in a day where I had 12 work meetings to manage on 5 hours of sleep to was a gift - truly.

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