Tuesday, September 11, 2012

6:30 Encounters

Youngest Son hanging (pun intended) in the hammock with Buddy
We have been camping with the boys since they were crawling babies - yes that would be at the campsite in the dirt and with the bugs and on top of the sticks.

Camping provides a time to let them run wild - so to speak. They explore, have fun and make decisions. Sometimes they fall or get poison ivy or are scared. But mostly they are just kids being kids.

I had an interesting experience with Youngest Son at Lake DeGray last weekend.

I am walking the quarter of a mile back toward our camp from the restroom. It is 6:30am. All quiet except for the gentle movement of the lake water and the birds singing in cool, crisp morning air. I see another person walking toward me - I quickly try to determine which adult from our camp is coming my way at this early hour. However, it is Youngest Son. Alone.

Surprise. Sort of. Youngest Son is usually an early riser. The Surprise is that he has decided to head down this empty road on his own. Then the Real Surprise: a White-Tailed Doe leaps across the road into the woods and right behind her comes her Fawn. Youngest Son and I both look at each other with a mutual "What just happened look?" It was a Moment. 

Then I walked my way and he walked his in the opposite direction.

Exactly 12 hours later at 6:30pm. I am walking the same quarter of a mile to the park restroom to take a shower. Again I see a body heading toward me. Again I meet Youngest Son walking. Alone. This time he is carrying a dopp kit. He has showered and is strolling back to camp. We great each other and chat for a moment.

Then I walked my way and he walked his in the opposite direction.

We met.
We shared a Moment.
We went opposite ways.
This is what I am supposed to do for my child. Allow him to go the way he chooses even if it is the opposite way ...

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